At some point in your adventures as a pipe smoker, you may want to graduate to a more sophisticated and stylish pipe, one that gives you the opportunity to show off a bit more of your personal style. When that time comes – and it inevitably will for most people – a Sherlock pipe is a great next step. More than just stylish devices, Sherlocks deliver a degree of performance that makes them ideally suited to those looking for a more satisfactory smoking experience.

Glass Sherlock PipesGlass Sherlock pipes combine the portability and functionality of a handheld pipe with the heft and durability of a standalone pipe. In fact, a number of high-quality models are small enough to slip into a pocket or fit into a purse, and yet can be just as easily serve as a exclusively ‘home-use’ pipe. With a flat base that ensures perfect stability on most surfaces, a good glass Sherlock will make a practical addition to any mantelpiece or shelf.

Apart from their functional form, there are other reasons why you may want to keep a prized Sherlock on display at home. Some of the finer models are designed for sheer aesthetic appeal as well as functionality, and they can make handsome additions to any home décor.

glass sherlock pipeIntricate decoration

Many of the more impressive examples on the market feature stunning multi-colored swirls in the glass, with smooth flowing curves enhancing their elegant appearance. Other models feature clear glass construction and sparse minimal lines that emphasize their ultramodern design. Needless to say, these devices are valued as much for their decorative appeal as they are for their performance.

Adding further to the value of a good Sherlock is the process by which it is created. There remains a solid tradition in hand-blown glass in the pipe industry, which has resulted in some of the finest Sherlocks on the market. The glass-blowing process makes it possible to produce designs of sheer breathtaking beauty, making for Sherlocks that are practically works of art that can stand on their own aesthetic value.

Glass Sherlock pipeAesthetics and functionality

Of course, the primary reason to go for a Sherlock is the superb performance. Some of the design features produced by the glass-blowing process serve more than a visual purpose. They can actually make the pipe more efficient and enjoyable to use, with little chambers that hold water and provide additional cooling and filtration. With a well-designed Sherlock, you are assured of a smoother and more satisfying smoke, with the full flavor of the herbs preserved.

The use of high-quality borosilicate glass is an especially noteworthy development in pipe design. Glass pipes have traditionally been known as much for their fragility as for their smooth and efficient performance, but the use of borosilicate glass has changed all that. Nowadays, you can expect the same durability and rugged performance from a glass Sherlock pipe as you would from a well-crafted metal pipe.

A Sherlock is a great addition to any pipe collection. Even if you have a trusty glass piece that you prefer to use all the time, you will find that a Sherlock fills a niche in your collection quite nicely.