When it comes to dabbing concentrates, dabbers play a crucial role. These specialized instruments come in all different shapes, sizes and materials and are designed to get your favorite concentrates, no matter how crumbly or sticky they may be, from your container into your nail. Also known as dab tools or dab wands, dabbers are versatile tools that can accommodate different consistencies of concentrates, reducing waste and keeping your hands safe from your hot nail.

What is a dabber? 

Dab tools are specially designed to handle concentrates. They’re made for cutting, scooping, or flicking all different concentrate consistencies from your concentrate container and precisely applying them to the bottom of your dab nail safely without the risk of burning your skin.

What are dabbers made from? 

Dab tools can be made from titanium, stainless steel or glass. All of these materials are heat-resistant and great for getting concentrates from their container into your banger, but the most popular versions are stainless steel and titanium for their durability. Glass dabbers are really pretty and make for an aesthetic choice to your setup, though they’re more likely to break.

What are the different types of dabber tools? 

There are several different dab tool styles available, each one specially designed for different types of concentrates. Each version can be made from glass, titanium or stainless steel, and many of them feature fun designs for personalizing your dab setup.

Scoop Tools

Scoop dabbers are spoon-shaped and ideal for crumbly waxes, live resin crystals, THCa diamonds, and other medium-consistent dabs. They can be used to cut and scoop these concentrates onto the dabber for easy transfer to your banger.

Shovel Tools

Ideal for wax, these dab tools are great for slicing small soft but formed concentrates and scooping them into your dab nail.

Pick Tools 

Dab picks are great for hard, sticky concentrates like shatter. Pick tools can crack harder concentrates and pierce them for easy transport to your banger.

Spatula Tools

Spatulas are ideal for loose and runny concentrates like live resin with few, small crystals or for terp sauce. The design is ideal for scooping and smearing concentrates into your nail.

Dab Claws 

If you use terp pearls, dab claws are great for removing the hot pearls from your nail after a dab. The claw can be used to pick up the pearl and drop it into isopropyl alcohol for cleaning.

How to use a dabber

Using a dab tool is straightforward. Just choose the right tool to accommodate the concentrates you’re using, and use it to cut out a glob big enough for you to enjoy. From there, just use the dab tool to scoop it up and apply it to the bottom of a banger.

How do you clean a dabber tool 

When you finish taking a dab, your dab tool might still be a little warm. If that’s the case, you can usually wipe off any remaining residue with a paper towel. If your dabber cools down, hit it with your torch for a few seconds and wipe it clean. For sticky messes, you can always use rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to wipe it clean. You should always clean your dabber after each dab to protect your clean concentrates from old resinous dab residue that may have picked up dog hair or fuzz between your seshes.

Where can you buy high-quality dabber tools?

Dab tools are available pretty much anywhere dab rigs or other smoking accessories are sold. However, if you’re looking for a dab tool kit or a bigger variety, check out our selection at Legal Smoke Shop. All of our dab tools are made from your favorite brands and offered at an affordable price. Find something that suits your style and preferences right here.

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