Storage Containers

Have you ever thought about investing in a proper storage case for your herbal smoking blends? Most people think nothing of stuffing their entire stash in a plastic bag, but that is not the best way to store your herbs. In fact, the typical plastic baggie is one of the worst things you can use for storage.

Herbal smoking blends are pretty similar to many other natural products in the sense that they require proper handling and storage if you want to maintain their more desirable qualities. Herbs are a fairly durable and robust material, but they do lose a lot of freshness and potency when mishandled. Like any other natural products, herbs tend to be affected significantly by factors such as heat, light, and humidity. It is for this reason that you need a proper storage case for your stash.

When you compare freshly cut herbs with a stash that has been stored in a baggie for a long time, the effects of dehydration on the quality of the bud will be fairly obvious. Properly maintained herbs will continue to be fresh and aromatic, and provide a more enjoyable smoking experience. They will also retain more potency than herbs that have been improperly stored.

There are many different kinds of storage containers that you can buy on the market, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. One particular case worth checking out is designed to minimize the effects of dehydration. Made of reinforced ABS plastic that is virtually indestructible, these containers also have the advantage of being totally inert, which means that there is much less risk of absorbing odors and retaining them.

There are instances where you are more concerned with minimizing odors than losing potency and freshness. For such applications, a deodorizer bag could be a good option. These are fairly new products on the market and they can do a pretty good job of reducing the odor of even the most pungent herbs. Since these bags don’t necessarily provide a lot of benefit in terms of keeping your herbs fresh and moist, they are better suited for storing small quantities that you plan to consume quickly.


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