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Review: Robot Dab Rigs by Jerome Baker

Nowadays it can be difficult to find a heady artist who creates dab rigs with style as well as expertise. In this modern market, the work and journey of Jason Harris of Jerome Baker Designs from a humble heady artist to an innovative and community-driven operation is distinct in the way he crafts dab rigs using his experience with glassblowing.

Jerome Baker Designs now employs a team of craftsmen and expert glassblowers to create unique oil rigs with the same creative perfection as the original designs of Jason Harris himself. Although he has a team now – in Maui, Las Vegas and New York – the dedication to his craft is evident through the mastery of his work. As he started his career under the tutelage of the legendary Bob Snodgrass, Harris subsequently learned the basics of his craft a step ahead of the competition by using the superior and world-renowned glass from Eugene, Oregon.

That’s not the end of the line for notable experiences on behalf of Jerome Baker Designs. The founder’s desire for learning didn’t stop with just one legend and is hand-crafted into each design to this day. In recent years, Jerome Baker Designs has released a series of “Baker Bot” dab rigs, and this dab rig review is going to take a quick look at the glass made for only the finest of concentrates.

All unique and creative in their own right, the “Baker Bot” series of dab rigs include:

Robots Love Dabs Baker Bot

Robots Love Dabs Baker Bot

Self-explanatory in nature and first of the “Baker Botseries, the Robots Love Dabs Baker Bot is a little chubbier than his compatriots with a dopey but adorable smile. This rig comes equipped with a honeycomb percolator and stands at 5.5 inches.

Mind Control Baker Bot

Mind Control Baker Bot

The second in a series of four, Jerome Baker Designs warns to “Operate with Caution”, a light-hearted reference to the fun cartoon-esque graphics that come with this dab rig. This robot puts an emphasis on the mechanical menace of the series of “Baker Bots” and also includes a 5-slit inline perc while standing 6 inches in height.

Oil Crisis Baker Bot

 Oil Crisis Baker Bot

Third of four in the series, this “Baker Bot” has the most unique design of the bunch, and with a head akin to the shape of a hammerhead shark, this oil rig would stand out in any collection. Equipped with a 4-slit inline perc, this smooth dab-smoking tool also stands at 6 inches in height.

Enlighten All Humans Baker Bot

Enlighten All Humans Baker Bot

Four of four in the Baker Bot series of dab rigs by Jerome Baker Designs, this single-chamber dab rig provides a smooth and straight smoking experience. It’s enlightening graphics complement its larger stature compared to its cousins in the series. This piece includes a 3-slit inline perc and a 10mm male ground connection to accompany the standard sizes of the other oil rigs in your collection.

Interested in something rooted a little more in nature?

The Honey Pot Dab Rig by Jerome Baker Designs is a great alternative to these mechanized creations and is designed to resemble Winnie The Pooh’s favorite snack from any angle you look at it. This honeycomb percolator dab rig is adorned with cute and trippy graphics of bees, bears – and of course – honey. Standing 5.75 inches in height, the Honey Pot Dab Rig provides the same quality of all of the glass pieces created by Jerome Baker Designs.

Whether you are into a natural aesthetic of the Honey Pot or the sleek appearance of the “Baker Bots”, the history Jerome Baker Designs has created with glass-blowing experience echoes in the efficiency of each of their designs – from smoking accessories to dab rigs.

Learn more about Jerome Baker Designs by watching Pipe Dreams below.

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