Vaporizing has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. The health benefits over smoking herbs has made it a preferred options for many people. If you’re new to the vaporizer world, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed by all the terms and jargon used within the industry. For this reason, we have put together this vaporizer glossary to help you understand things a little better.

Balloon – A balloon can be connected to certain types of vaporizers to collect the vapor produced. Once full, these balloons can store vapor for several hours and be used independently from the vaporizer itself.

Bubbler – A bubbler is a type of water filter that can either be used alone or attached to a water pipe or vaporizer. Typically made of glass, bubblers provide an added degree of water filtration.

Conduction Heating – With the conduction heating process, the herbal substance comes into direct contact with the heating element. Vaporizers that utilize this process usually require a greater degree of care and control in order to prevent the substance from combusting.

Convection Heating – With the convection method of heating, the substance does not come into direct contact with the heating element, and is instead heated with hot air. This ensures a more efficient vaporization process, and is used in most vaporizer designs.

Glass – ‘Glass’ may refer to a glass pipe or any other smoking or vaporizing device that consists primarily of glass components. High-quality glass pieces are made from borosilicate or quartz glass which, apart from being totally inert, have superior heat-resistant properties. These qualities make such glass ideally suited to the high temperatures that vaporizing and smoking devices are subjected to.

GrindersGrinders are hand-operated devices that grind herbal material into a more broken-down consistency. Most grinders are made of metal, although glass and plastic grinders are also widely available. The basic design consists of a threaded lid/grinding mechanism and a receptacle for holding the ground herbal material. Some grinders have an additional receptacle for collecting the fine crystalline residue that accumulates during grinding.

Ground glass – Ground glass refers to glass that has been treated with a fine grinding tool, introducing tiny abrasions into its surface. When two ground glass pieces – such as a downstem and a glass chamber – come in contact with one another, they form a much more airtight seal than what could be achieved without ground glass connections. Ground glass is distinguished by its ‘frosty’, translucent appearance.

Heater cover – The heater cover is a glass component placed over the heating element. Apart from providing a heat-safe contact point for the whip, the heater cover also adds a measure of protection for the user and prevents excessive vapor loss.

Heating element – The heating element, as you would imagine, is the heat source within the vaporizer. They are commonly made of ceramic, which has excellent heating and durability qualities. Heating elements are also often made of aluminum or steel.

Oil diffusers/aromatherapy bowls – Oil diffusers and aromatherapy bowls are devices that enable the vaporizing of essential oils in a vaporizer. Typically made of glass, oil diffusers and aromatherapy bowls are usually small and simple glass bowls in which oils can be heated.

Vaporizers – Vaporizers are devices used for vaporizing herbal matter. They come in a variety of sizes, with different designs and functions. The most basic function of a vaporizer is to provide a means to apply herbal concentrates to a heat source, vaporizing it instantly and releasing the primary active ingredients in vapor form for inhalation through a mouthpiece.

  • Desktop vaporizersDesktop vaporizers are intended for home use, with multiple features and attachments that limit their mobility. These devices usually provide superior power and versatility, and they often come with a wider range of features, including precise temperature control, digital readouts, auto on/off, and balloon attachments. Desktop vaporizers are typically powered via an electrical mains connection, although some models come with a rechargeable battery option.
  • Portable vaporizersPortable vaporizers are smaller, handheld devices that allow convenient vaporizing on-the-go. These devices are usually light and disceet, and often pen-shaped, making them ideally suited for slipping into a pocket or bag. They generally have fewer features and lower power capabilities than standalone vaporizers, but their portability and convenience makes them better suited for use when you are not at home. Most portable vaporizers are charged by a rechargeable battery, whereas others or fuelled by butane gas.
  • Digital vaporizers – Digital vaporizers provide users with a superior degree of control over vaporizing temperatures. They come with a digital display that provides instant visual status of the vaporizer’s temperature. Some models even display the actual temperature as well as the target vaporizing temperatures and provide both Fahrenheit and Celsius displays.
  • Forced-air vaporizers – Forced-air vaporizers are the latest innovations in vaporizer design. They are equipped with an internal fan that blows hot air over the concentrate, allowing it to gently release its vapor. Most such vaporizers feature a whip or balloon design.

VaporizingVaporizing is the process of heating up herbal matter to a temperature just sufficient to release the active ingredients or essential oils in a fine vapor. The process involves the use of vaporizers, which come in different shapes and sizes. Vaporizing may either employ convection or conduction heating during the process.

Wand – The wand is the most important component of the whip. Typically made of borosilicate or quartz glass and fitted with a stainless steel screen, wands are used to hold a small quantity of oil or wax concentrate to the heating element.

Water filter – A water filter is attached to a vaporizer or a water pipe to provide an additional level of filtration. Typically made of glass and with a 14mm or 18mm ground joint, these filters help remove toxins from your herbal matter.

Whips – Whips are tubes used to transport vapor from the vaporizer to the user. They usually come in kits, with a wand, tube, and mouthpiece combination that gets attached to the glass-smoking device. Whips often allow hands-free operation for complete convenience.

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