Happy Daddy products should be familiar to almost any dabbing aficionado by now. The noted manufacturer has produced some of the most impressive and most useful accessories in the dabbing market, and the company’s lineup has won universal acclaim among scores of users for their performance and durability. Today, Happy Daddy remains committed to producing some of the finest accessories in the business. Anyone who is looking for a totally satisfying dabbing experience should definitely check out these amazing tools. Here are some of the more noteworthy Happy Daddy products available on the market.

Pipe PalThe Pipe Pal and Bowl Buddy

Keeping dabbing rigs and their various components clean is always a challenge, but the Pipe Pal and the Bowl Buddy make it considerably easier. Made from high-grade 304L stainless steel, these supremely useful tools keep your dabbing rig nice and clean without risk of scratching. With double-sided blade design and a handy poking tool, this pair is all you need to keep your dabbing rig spotlessly clean.

happy daddy productsThe Grindson

Grinders need cleaning from time to time as well, which is why it’s a good thing that the Happy Daddy product line also includes a useful grinder cleaner. Called the Grindson, this device helpfully reaches into the deepest and tightest grooves of your grinder. Designed to work with practically any grinder design, the Grindson is essential for keeping your grinder in tiptop shape.

happy daddy productsThe Buddah Line

The interestingly-named Buddah line comprises some of the most popular tools in the Happy Daddy product line. Consisting of the Big Buddah, the Baby Buddah, and the handy Buddah Bomb, this selection can make your dabbing experience a lot more efficient and a lot more enjoyable. The lineup also includes the F-Bomb and the Little F-er, both of which offer the same stellar performance as the rest of the products in the Buddah line.

happy daddy productsThe Globfather

Another handy device in the Happy Daddy collection is the Globfather. Essential for scooping up concentrate dabs neatly and precisely, the Globfather is standard issue in almost any experienced dabber’s rigs. For use with solvent-less concentrates, Happy Daddy has also produced the Globfather II, which holds up the line’s reputation admirably.


Those looking for a grab-bag of the best and most useful Happy Daddy products should definitely check out the Slingers. Offering five of the company’s most essential titanium dabbing accessories, the Slinger comes in a convenient keychain with a stylish Happy Daddy lanyard.


chommyChommy Tongs

Dabbing rigs can get pretty hot, but you never have to worry about getting singed with the cleverly-named Chommy Tongs. Made of high-quality materials befitting the Happy Daddy product line, Chommy Tongs help ensure a totally safe dabbing experience.


happy daddy productsThe Genesis Nail

At the top of the Happy Daddy product line is the Genesis Nail, which is perhaps one of the finest dabbing tools of its kind. Boasting an innovative domeless design and titanium and quartz construction, the Genesis Nail delivers a superb dabbing experience at a very reasonable cost.