With more and more people opting for concentrates in preference to other types of herbal preparations, it is only a matter of time before a well-intentioned friend offers you a dab. But what if you have never taken a dab before and are largely ignorant of what’s involved in smoking concentrates?

If all you’ve ever tried in the past is dried herbs, dabbing might seem strange and unfamiliar. From the many concentrate types to dabbing rigs and quartz bangers, it will all take some getting used to, but confidence will come with familiarity. Just think of dabbing as a more efficient way to medicate and the concentrates simply a more potent form of the herbs you may be used to. After a few tries, you’ll be dabbing like a pro!

Here are some of the more important aspects of dabbing to keep in mind. Pay attention, as you never know when this knowledge could help you avoid an embarrassing social faux pas!

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Guidance for first-time dabbers

Always start small

With herbs, consuming ‘too much’ is less of a likelihood. This is because the lower potency and method of dosing makes it easy to determine when you’ve had enough. With dabbing, on the other hand, a single load can easily be more heavy-hitting than you are accustomed to. Even if you make it through your entire first bowl unscathed, a second dose might just push you over the edge. There is virtually no serious risk involved in over-medicating of course, but it can be pretty uncomfortable. If you are dabbing for the first time, it is advisable to go slow and see how you feel after a first load before taking another.

Dabbing for first time

Concentrates are substantially more potent than other forms of cannabis.

Dabs are potent

The effects of dabbing are especially worth knowing about for new dabbers. Concentrates are several times more powerful than dried herbs, and the potency can also vary depending on the specific type of concentrate. What would seem like a moderate dose might be enough to knock you flat! Again, there is virtually no risk of serious ill-effects from using concentrates, but be aware that the effects might be way more than you are prepared for.

Have food and drinks at the ready

It might be a good idea to have some food and drinks handy if you are dabbing for the first time. Even if you have long passed the point when medicating with herbs will cause a spike in your appetite, you might just feel those same effects all over again the first time you dab. Having food and drinks around will also help you deal with the dry mouth that may result from dabbing, although this is less of a concern than when smoking marijuana bud.

Dabbing and Concentrates

Dabbing etiquette

Dabbing is fast becoming one of the most popular methods for ingesting herbs and concentrates, and new users need a way of learning about proper dabbing etiquette. You don’t want to be that one person that nobody wants to dab with, so it might be worthwhile to read up on some important rules for dabbing beforehand.

1.  Assist less-experienced users

We were all a newbie once, so why not make it easy for others to get started in the fascinating world of dabbing? Whether it is warning them against inhaling too much, or keeping their fingers away from the hot components of the dab rig, assisting the less-experienced will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

2.  A little courtesy goes a long way

Like with most social situations with cannabis, courtesy is an essential aspect of the dabbing experience. It’s always polite to ask if anyone else wants to go first. Conversely, if you are a guest invited to partake in a dabbing session, you should wait to be asked first.

3.  Keep it clean

Nobody likes a slob, least of all dabbers who are sharing a rig. Try not to slobber all over the glasspiece, and if you are having people over, make sure that your rig is totally clean ahead of use.

4.  Be prepared

You should do your best to minimize any distractions while taking dabs. Make sure your butane torch is filled up, and that you have a full can on hand. Also make sure you have enough medication and some wipes to keep everything nice and tidy.

5.  Don’t waste

Common dabbing courtesy dictates that you only load up as much as you can inhale in one go. Anything more is simply greedy and unnecessarily wasteful.

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6.  Chip in

If you have a friend or acquaintance who frequently shares medication with you, make sure to return the favor. The cost of concentrates can add up over time, and no matter how well-off your friend is, you will wear out your welcome sooner or later if you don’t pitch in.

7.  Don’t overdo it

Going over the top is not only wasteful and potentially unpleasant, it also makes you look like a complete newbie. In most cases, it is best to err on the side of caution, and to take only modestly sized dabs at first.

8.  Keep your hands off other people’s property

As willing as other people are to share their concentrates, resist the urge to handle their supply or their rig without their permission. Keep in mind that most people consider their rigs very personal pieces of property, and handling them unbidden is a dabbing faux pas.

9.  Watch out for the hot nail

The nail will remain hot for even longer than the dabber, so remember to steer clear. If you are accustomed to pulling out the bowl/downstem from a traditional water pipe, remember that doing so with a dabbing rig will result in a nasty burn.

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