Water Pipes

Smooth out your smoking experience with help from a water pipe. Designed to filter and cool the smoke before consumption, water pipes allow users to take larger hits by softening the overall harshness and enhancing the experience.

Water pipes come in various shapes, sizes, styles, and price points, and made from various materials. Each function with the same concept in mind: to smooth and cool. Some have multiple chambers, but it really only takes one. It’s a ‘the more the merrier type of situation.

The most popular mediums for water pipes are borosilicate glass and acrylic. Each has its perks, and favoritism depends on the smoker.

Glass pipes deliver the tastiest hits, allowing the herb’s flavor to really shine through. Glass is also thought to be the safest and cleanest way to consume, as it doesn’t release any gasses or chemicals when heated. The only real downside is its breakability—it is glass, after all.

Acrylic water pipes get the job done with the same functionality as glass water pipes, but with added durability. This option is great for anyone who is on a budget, super clumsy, or both.


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