The process of choosing your next piece of glass can be difficult. Each type has its own unique features which affect your smoking experience. Whether you opt for vibrant heady glass or streamline scientific glass, in the end each smoker and collector will find their own individual preference.

Whether you are just getting started or already have an idea of what you would like – knowing the differences between heady glass and scientific glass will make your next glass purchase that much easier.

What is heady glass?

Heady glass is heavily associated with the art of glassblowing. Using artisan-level experience, glass artists use their creative expression to create pipes to be individual pieces of art.

These heady glass craftsmen typically strive to create one-of-a-kind or limited release series. A focus is put on rarity and artisanal merit over functionality. This level of detail and craftsmanship is true for rigs, pipes and bongs.

Heady glass has more appeal than just exclusivity, though. Typically, heady glass will be made using exotic methods. Honeycombs, sandblasting, reversals and sculpting are just a few examples.

All of the details down to the selection of the materials used are selected by the glass artist themselves. It’s all these elements of heady glass that attract collectors to these stand-out pieces of functional art.

Why choose heady glass?

  1. Made using advanced glass blowing techniques
  2. A focus on creativity and colour that will pop in any collection
  3. Created with alternative features and shapes

What is scientific glass?

Scientific glass draws from the imagery of beakers and lab tools we all have in mind while reading its name. Defined by a purpose of functionality, these pieces are made to be efficient and reliable.

A primary characteristic of this type of glass is, well… it’s glass. Generally, the majority of scientific glass is made using borosilicate glass. This is used in order to make the glass durable and very clear.

This type of glass has the ability to be extremely heat-resistant. These qualities make scientific glass a favourite for those who like to get a good amount of use out of their high-priced purchases. If you are looking for a product that favours functionality over creativity, this is what you need.

Thus, scientific glass is more notable for its minimal design. It is closer to, you know, examples of actual lab instruments. A classic which has been tried by almost every smoker through the years is a beaker bong.

You could be looking for a dab rig, pipe or bong. Whatever it is, adding a piece of scientific glass is a good choice for anyone interested in getting a new glasspiece that will last.

Why choose heady glass?

  1. Made with high-quality borosilicate glass
  2. The pinnacle of functionality
  3. Superior lifespan and generally durable

Which one is for me?

This is the beauty of selecting your next piece of glass. It’s all about what you prefer.

As you become a more seasoned smoker, you will become more comfortable choosing glass. If you prefer a streamlined and efficient piece, scientific glass is for you. If you are more interested in visual appeal and starting a collection, take a look at heady glass.

What about production glass?

Perfect for that freshman year in college, production glass is defined by its availability en masse. Differing in quality from company to company, production glass can be found readily lining the walls of any digital store or local head shop.

A piece of production glass can come in a wide range of colours and designs. It falls in a middle ground between scientific glass and heady glass. Just artistic enough to pop amongst its competitors, yet still simple enough to allow mass production.

The key benefit of this type of glass is its affordability. This means that regardless of your personal preference, it can always be good to have a piece of production glass in case you want something that doesn’t break the bank.