Carb Caps

To get the most out of your dabs, you absolutely need a carb cap. A carb cap is a small accessory that helps regulate the airflow and temperature of your dab rig while also keeping your vapors from escaping the rig. By using a carb cap, you can achieve a more controlled and flavorful dabbing experience by improving heat retention and concentrate circulation, which means better flavors, bigger hits, and less waste for you.

What is a carb cap?

A carb cap is an essential part of your rig setup. They’re placed on top of your banger and used to improve the airflow within your rig for better performance and a smoother intake. They also keep your dab vapors safely inside the nail so that they don’t dissipate in the environment and you get your full dab. A dab rig carb cap is designed to evenly circulate your concentrate throughout the nail make sure everything gets vaporized, making for fuller hits and better flavors.

Different types of carb caps

There are several different types of carb caps for dab rigs. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they can be broken down into these main categories.

1. Directional airflow carb caps

Also known as spinner caps, these carb caps have a hole or two in the design to help you swirl concentrates around within the nail. They usually have a hole in the top and a little spout at the bottom. Spinning this carb cap manually allows you to redirect the air in the cap and within your nail to distribute concentrates evenly without having to use a dab tool. Cyclone carb caps are another type of directional carb cap that creates a vortex of airflow thanks to it’s cyclonic shape.

2. Bubble carb caps

A bubble carb cap utilizes a ball shape with a stem and a small hole on the top and the bottom. The rounded design makes them versatile, as they can fit snuggly in most bangers. The extra direct airflow makes them ideal for both small and large dabs, helping you to circulate them throughout the nail effectively with minimal waste.

3. Disc carb caps

Disc caps have a flat bottom so they sit flush with the top of your banger. They utilize slotted channels for air intake that allows for a spinning vortex effect without having to spin the cap yourself. Discs also move your concentrates around within your nail, however they work best with large dabs and bigger nails and e-nails since they offer a lot more airflow than others.

4. Marble caps and valves

Marble caps are usually used for slurper style nails. These marbles fit snuggly on top of the slurper and within the chamber to encourage the nail to suck the concentrates in through the dish at the bottom. The valves improve airflow by simplifying the vapor path and help terp pearls spin inside your slurper.

5. Thermal carb caps

Thermal carb caps are made from materials that can retain heat, such as quartz or ceramic. These quartz carb caps are designed to be heated along with the banger, helping to regulate the temperature and create a more consistent dabbing experience. They don’t need to be spun manually since they create a swirling effect for heat distribution within the nail on their own. These are also ideal for large dabs and bigger nails.

6. Carb cap dabbers

A carb cap dabber is a combo of a carb cap and a dabber. On one end is a dab tool, and on the other is the cap that fits snuggly on the nail. The cap usually features a hole or two that brings air into the nail to distribute concentrates evenly with minimal waste. Once you use the dabber side to drop your concentrate in, flip it over and cap it.

How to use a carb cap

Using carb caps for dab rigs is easy. Just pre-heat your nail and scoop up your favorite concentrate with your dabber. Apply the concentrate to the bottom of your banger, and place the cap to the top of your nail. Depending on the cap style you choose, you may need to rotate the carb cap to swirl your concentrates around and find the ideal pressure and airflow for getting your concentrates to move and distribute in the nail evenly. It’s that simple!

What to look for when choosing a carb cap

Carb caps all do the same thing, regardless of what style you choose. So at the end of the day, choose a cap that looks nice with your rig. However, you should also consider a few factors before buying anything:

1. Compatibility

Consider the compatibility of the carb cap with your dab rig. Make sure to choose a carb cap that is the same size and material as your nail, and also has the right shape. For example, if you’re using an angled nail, you will need an angled cap.

2. Material

Carb caps can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, quartz, ceramic, and titanium. Each material has its own unique properties and benefits, though your cap should always be made from the same material as your nail.

3. Design

Choose a carb cap design suited to your personal preferences. For example, if you’re using terp pearls, you might want to use a spinner cap. If you’re taking big globs, you might want to opt for a thermal cap for better heat retention. If you’re using a slurper style nail, you’ll need marbles and valves, as other cap types won’t work.

4. Price

Carb caps can range in price depending on the material, design, and aesthetics. Set a budget for yourself and choose a carb cap that fits within your price range.

What’s the best type of carb cap for spinning terp pearls?

Spinner caps are ideal for spinning terp pearls. Cyclone caps are the best spinners, since they utilize channels that create a vortex effect within the nail without you having to spin the cap manually. All you have to do is inhale and let the snug fit and air channels do the work. They create a good amount of negative pressure, which makes it way easier to get those pearls to spin than other cap styles.

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