Smoking Accessories

If you have been rolling by hand all this time, you are definitely missing out on the ease and convenience you can enjoy with a rolling accessory. Rolling accessories can make the tedious task of rolling up a lot simpler and actually even enjoyable. Start using these devices and torn papers will become a thing of the past.

Rolling Machines

Raw Hemp Eco Plastic Roller 79mm 1Rolling machines come in various shapes and sizes, although they all have a few common elements. Almost every rolling machine comes with two roller cylinders affixed to the frame of the device. These rollers are typically joined together by a length of fabric (usually synthetic) wrapped fairly snugly around both cylinders.

Although both rollers are affixed to the frame so that they can rotate on an axis, only one of the cylinders remains in a fixed position. However, the other one is allowed to swing from an open to a closed position, allowing the user to roll up tightly. When the rolling accessory is closed, you should not be able to see any herbs sticking out from between the rollers.

After placing the herb between the rollers (don’t forget to grind it up first!), the user inserts a single rolling paper. This part of the procedure is pretty similar to inserting a piece of paper in between the rollers of a typewriter, if you are old enough to remember such devices! By gripping the knobs on both sides of the machine and turning them, you will begin to see the paper rolled into the machine between the two rollers. After only a few turns, you should be able to open up the machine and find your perfectly cigarette in between.

Don’t bother with the tedious task of rolling joints by hand any longer. With a rolling machine, a task that would normally take minutes can be done in a few seconds!

Rolling Mats

Raw Hemp Eco Plastic Roller 79mm 1Rolling mats are used in the same fashion as rolling machines – you just do more of the work. The product is placed on the mat and rolled back and forth between it to form a cylindrical shape. A paper is then slid between the mat and the product and rolled into a perfect cigarette. Rolling mats are the way to go when you want to roll a bigger cigarette.

Rolling Trays

You will undoubtedly be familiar with the mess of tobacco and herbs that often get left behind when rolling up, and that’s exactly why rolling trays were invented. Providing you with a place to keep your tobacco, herbs and papers, these trays are designed so that no excess materials fall off and make a mess.


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