Even if you’ve got things going pretty good with your current dabbing setup, you may be able to enjoy an even more enjoyable experience with the use of a carb cap. A revolutionary device that can help you medicate more efficiently and with greater control, a carb cap is perhaps the best way to enjoy a smoother and more flavorful dabbing experience.

What is a carb cap?

The first carb cap was launched to the market in 2013. Its key function is to allow burning of concentrates at lower temperatures than is otherwise possible.  This makes it possible to inhale smoke of an exceedingly smooth and flavorful quality, providing a more enjoyable dabbing experience.

What is a carb cap

Yo Dabba Dabba Cyclone Carb Cap placed on on top of a quartz banger.

Interestingly enough, the carb cap wasn’t a huge hit when it was first introduced to the market. Many thought of it as a trendy device that didn’t really offer a significant improvement over existing options. Over time, however, the carb cap – or dab cap – caught on and started garnering attention as more and more people realized the superior dabbing experience that it provides. Today, carb caps are considered essential dabbing tools, a clear testament to their innovative qualities.

How does a carb cap work?

Perhaps the most important benefit of the carb cap is its ability to heat cannabis extracts with a more precise degree of control. Amazingly efficient and capable of producing the highest quality smoke possible, the carb cap is the result of careful study of various physical and environmental factors.

Quartz Banger Carb Cap

Quartz Banger Carb Cap from Yo Dabba Dabba

Here’s how a carb cap works:

The concentrate you place on a nail is subject to a number of environmental and physical factors, including the heat pressure from the hot nail, atmospheric pressure and airflow. The typical nail is essentially an open system, in which high temperatures are required in order to combust or vaporize the concentrate.

The problem with this design is that the concentrate is heated unevenly, with the portion in the middle subject to much higher temperatures than the rest of the oil. This results in an less pleasant flavor as some of the concentrate burns at too high a temperature, while other part of the concentrate doesn’t get hot enough.

To provide a solution to this problem, the carb cap creates a closed system that provides a confined chamber with a small hole for air inflow. Because this hole is smaller than the hole in the domeless nail, suction is produced when the carb cap is in use. This air inflow causes a reduction in the air pressure in the main chamber, lowering the temperature at which the concentrate combusts.

The air-intake hole provides an additional function apart from enabling airflow. It also causes the formation of a vortex around the main chamber’s center column. This has the effect of further reducing the interior pressure in the primary chamber. At the same time, the vortex also balances heat around the nail, the oil, producing a smoother and more flavorful dab.