There are many fine cigars available on the market today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a homemade cigar using your own special herbal blend and a quality cigar wrap. The question is; what cigar wrap to use? Here are some of the better cigars available that you can repurpose to create your own, more flavorful, creation.

cigars for bluntsPhillies

The Phillie is the undisputed OG of the custom cigar wrap world. In fact, the term ‘blunt’ comes from one of the company’s own products (Phillies Blunt), which is part of an extensive line that includes a broad array of cigars in different sizes and flavors. Easy to break up and to roll, there are many reasons why Phillies are the number one choice for rolling blunts.



Dutch-MastersDutch Masters

Outside of Phillie country to the East Coast, the Dutch Master reigns supreme. Delivering an equally distinctive – or unpalatable, depending on your sensibilities – flavor and aroma as the Phillie, Dutch Masters also make excellent cigar wraps. With soft, outer leaves, Dutches require extra effort to break up, but those leaves could be useful for repairing tears in the finished roll.



cigars for bluntsWhite Owl Cigarillos

A big ‘ol blunt might seem like an appealing thing – and it usually is – but it is way overkill for solitary sessions. If you find yourself craving for a blunt but are a bit short on company, White Owl cigarillos are the perfect wraps for you. Their small size makes them ideally suited to more modestly-sized blunts, and they are useful for practicing your rolling technique as well.



cigars for bluntsSwisher Sweets

Swishers have been around in some form since the 1860s, but they are definitely very much a part of 21st century blunt culture. Enjoyed in more than 90 countries around the world, Swisher Sweets have a subtly appealing flavor that makes them the wrap of choice for blunt aficionados everywhere.



cigars for bluntsGame

Derived from the revered Garcia Y Vega line of green-leaf cigars, Games are the top dogs of the blunt- smoking world. The vanilla and white grape varieties are particularly flavorful, and they make for a pleasant smoking experience that simply cannot be replicated with any other cigar wrap.



cigars for bluntsOptimo

Optimo cigars come in a variety of delicious flavors, including peach, grape, mint, and sweet. Interestingly enough, they are also produced by the same company that manufactures Swishers, although Optimos have a different flavor. They are quite short and wide compared to Dutch Master and Game cigars, but they are versatile enough to be rolled Phillie or Dutch style.



cigars for bluntsBackwoods

Perhaps no other cigar wrap is as appropriately named as Backwoods. With a quaint and rustic hand-rolled appearance, the Backwoods is about as far as you can get from a slick, commercially manufactured cigar. Although the conical shape, frayed ends, and generally rugged appearance may not seem too impressive, Backwoods simply can’t be beat for an intense and satisfyingly heady blunt experience. They come in a wide variety of flavors as well, including sweet aromatic, honey-berry, and black n’ sweet.