Doob TubesHerb users have traditionally had issues with regard to finding the perfect container for their medication of choice. Most people start out with whatever container they can find, including Altoid tins, cigarettes cases, and even plastic baggies. Although these and other similar ‘quick ‘n’ dirty’ solutions will suffice in a pinch, they do have a number of drawbacks that necessitate finding a more permanent and feasible solution. That solution is the Doob Tube, and it could very well be the best container you can get for your pre-rolled herbs.

Why the Doob Tube?

The Doob Tube is an airtight, watertight, and odor-free container designed for herbal medication. It is specially designed to address one of the most significant challenges facing herb users, which is maintaining discretion while still having ready access to their medication. Many users simply don’t want to advertise the fact that they use herbal medication, but the smell is often a giveaway. It can be extremely difficult for herb users to conceal the smell of their medicated herbs, and typical containers do little to help.

This is where the Doob Tube comes in. A state-of-the-art container specifically designed to carry pre-rolled herbal medication, the Doob Tube is a great way to carry your stash around with you wherever you go without necessarily advertising the fact. With the Doob Tube, you can take your herbs on trips or errands without anyone being any the wiser as to what you are carrying in your pocket or purse.

The inventor of the Doob Tube

rAY cThe Doob Tube is the brainchild of Ray C, who like many fellow herbal medication users has encountered significant challenges maintaining discretion in the aftermath of a 7-month regimen of chemotherapy. After several run-ins with law enforcement personnel and frequent hospital visits, Ray C realized the need for a solution that would give herb users the opportunity to medicate wherever and whenever they needed to, without all the hassle associated with standard containers. The result of this realization was the Doob Tube, and Ray C’s invention would quickly become one of the most useful marijuana accessories in the herbal medication community.

The Doob Tube keeps your herbs tidy and fresh

Apart from concealing the smell, one of the most significant challenges of carrying pre-rolled medication around is maintaining the proper condition of the herbs. Pre-rolled cigarettes carried around in a pocket or purse have a tendency to come unrolled, leaving a mess that can be a pain to clean up. With the Doob Tube, however, there is practically no risk of this happening, and your pre-rolled medication will survive almost any trip unscathed.

Another challenge that most standard containers are ill-equipped to deal with – and one for which the Doob Tube is ideally suited – is keeping herbs fresh. Herbs have a surprisingly short shelf life, and once broken up and rolled, it takes only a couple of hours before it loses a significant degree of freshness. There are a few things less pleasant than stale herbs, and the potency and flavor can be affected adversely as well. There is virtually no risk of that happening with the Doob Tube, which keeps your herb medication as fresh and flavorful as the day you rolled it.

Double up with a Tobacco Taster

As well as the Doob Tubes, the same company produces ‘Tobacco Tasters‘, small and inconspicuous one-hitters that fit nearly into a Doob Tube. This means that not only can you store your herbal medication on the sly, you can also take it inconspicuously. Take some herbs and pack them into the small bowl in the one-hitter. As soon as you have taken your hit, simply slide the pipe into the Tube and keep the smell completely concealed!

The Doob Tubes and Tobacco Tasters are perfect additions to your collection of herbal accessories.

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