By most accounts, dabbing is by far the best way to enjoy the purest essence of your herbal concentrates. Whether you use waxes or oils, dabbing allows you to extract the active ingredients of the product, meaning you can get all the goodness of your medication without smoking any herbs.

That being said, dabbing isn’t quite as straightforward a process as one would wish, especially for the inexperienced. Getting the dabbing temperature right is a particularly important concern, and it has significant implications on the quality and flavor of smoke produced.

So what is the best temperature at which to dab? Is a high temperature better than a low temperature, or vice versa? As it turns out, both methods have their benefits and drawbacks, but collective dabbing wisdom seems to lean toward lower temperatures.

Lower temperatures provide more flavorful dabs

Dabbing at lower temperatures allows users to inhale more flavorsome smoke. Lower-temperature dabbing is facilitated with the use of a carb cap, typically made from titanium, quartz, glass, or ceramic. Carb caps are designed with a small air-intake hole, although it does more than simply keeping the air flowing. The air drawn in through the hole is channeled to create a vortex around the center column of the chamber, balancing the temperature and allowing for more even and consistent dabbing of the concentrate.

Dabbing Temperatures

Dabbing at lower temperatures preserves the flavor of your concentrates and produces more flavorsome dabs.

There are ways to enhance the experience even more when you opt for lower-temp dabbing. One particularly effective method is to heat up the domeless nail as normal, and then wait for a few seconds to let it cool down slightly. A good rule of thumb is to place your hand just above the nail – not too close – and feel for heat. If you can feel a slight warmth that isn’t enough to make you pull your hand away, you are in the right ballpark.

Cap the dome when it smokes

It is also a good idea to let the dab slide off from the dabber rather than scraping it onto the nail. This will allow you to cap the dome quickly. As the oil begins to sizzle, cap the dome quickly before it begins to smoke. This will allow you to get the full flavor of the dab as the smoke fills up the dome.

Keep in mind that there are a number of factors involved in ensuring a satisfactory dabbing experience. The type of concentrate and the nail you use will have a significant effect on the quality and flavor of the dab. The best way to go about it is to experiment with different methods within the low temperature range. As you gain more experience with the fine art of dabbing, you will develop a better feel for the right method and temperature to use. With luck and a bit of practice, you will soon be dabbing like a pro and getting all the flavor and potency benefits in the process.