If you’re tired of the torch and nail song and dance, opting for an eNail is a great way to simplify your setup and enjoy consistent dabs every time without worrying about eyeballing your temperatures and timing. While an e-nail is a little more expensive than the classic torch and banger setup, it pays for itself by reducing waste. More importantly, an enail offers a simplified heating process and consistent, flavorful dabs.

What is an enail? 

E-nail is short for “electronic nail.” It’s made up of a digital control box, which sends electricity to a coil that you place around your nail. You can set your control box to heat the nail to any temperature you like, and the coil will hold it there. With an electric dab nail, you don’t have to worry about hitting your nail too hot or having it get cold before you finish your dab. An enail dab is the perfect temperature every time, which means less wasted dabs and better hits and flavors without having to fumble around with torches or butane.

What are the benefits of using an enail? 

E-nails can bring a lot of great things to your setup. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about overheating or underheating your nail anymore since you can basically set it and forget it. The control box will heat the coil to a precise degree-by-degree temperature, so all you have to do is turn it on and you’re ready to dab.

Your electric dab nail also takes the need for butane, torches, timers and terpometers completely out of the picture, so you’re saving some money in the long run. Better yet, using an enail is cleaner than dabbing with a torch since butane leaves behind residual solvents that may affect the flavors of your dabs.

Speaking of flavors, enails offer some of the best. An enail gives you more control over the the temperature of your hits, so you can always enjoy a perfect low temp dab and reduce the risk of chazzing your banger. Since they don’t cool down in between hits, it’s easier to take multiple dabs without having to wait to clean and reheat your nail. Enails are also much easier to clean, especially when you use them at a low temperature, since you’re not burning your dabs into your nail.

Basically, you’re saving money, simplifying your dabbing experience, wasting fewer concentrates, and getting better hits and flavors. What’s not to love?

How do you use an enail? 

Using enails for dabbing is a lot easier than using a torch. To use one, start by assembling your enail kit. Attach the coil to your nail or banger, and plug it into the control box. Attach the nail to your rig, then just plug the control box into a wall outlet and set it to your desired temperature. Ideally, you’ll want to shoot for 350-450°F for a good low temp dab.

If it’s your first time using an enail and you have a laser thermometer lying around from your torch setup, you can use it to calibrate your enail. While most enails are 100% accurate, they may heat to a different temperature than you set it to based on things like the ambient temperature of the room. Once you determine how accurate it is, you can either adjust the temperature or leave it as is.

From there, just dab like normal. Use a dab tool to drop your concentrates into your banger or nail, avoiding the coil. Then just cap it with a carb cap and inhale. Like all dabs, you should still clean your nail afterwards. Switch off the e-nail and let it cool, then hit the nail with some isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

What’s the difference between an enail and a regular nail? 

A regular nail requires a torch to heat it up to get it ready for dabbing. An enail wraps around a regular nail to remove the need for a torch. That said, they’re not very different from each other. The key difference boils down to the fact that an enail doesn’t require a torch or a timer to get a good dab. With an enail, you just set it to the temperature you like and let it do its thing.

However, e-nails also work a little more efficiently than the torch setup, too. An e-nail wraps fully around a banger or nail, allowing it to heat the entire surface of the nail to the right temperature evenly. It can be a lot more difficult to heat a nail evenly with a torch. Since enails are more precise and don’t leave behind butane residuals, you get better flavors and hits without all the heating and cooling guesswork.

How much do enails cost? 

On average, an enail will cost you anywhere between $100-$700. While they all work the same way, the cheaper ones may be more likely to heat the coil inaccurately. That said, they can still work wonders. You just might have to calibrate them a bit with a laser thermometer to make sure you know the difference between what the control box is displaying and the actual temperature. Higher end enails are usually more precise, but tend to cost more just for aesthetics and additional features.

Are enails worth the money? 

In short, yes! Enails tend to pay for themselves after a little while when you consider how much you spend on butane for your torch and how often you have to replace your banger when you accidentally overheat it and chazz it. Aside from cost benefits, they’re definitely worth the investment if you like to take multiple dabs in a row without having to wait for the heating and cooling. If you’re prone to hitting your dabs too hot or cold or heating your nail unevenly, an enail can help prevent you from wasting concentrates. If you want to enjoy perfect hits and flavors each and every time you go for a dab, then you’ll love the convenience of using an enail.

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