At some point in your life, you may have to face an impending urine test. Right at the outset, you should know that urine tests are among the most accurate and most reliable testing procedures around, and the only surefire way to ensure a negative reading is to totally abstain from any of the substances routinely detected in a urine test. Despite your best efforts, there is a good chance that any substance you have used within a couple of weeks prior to taking the test will show up in a test.

That being said, there are some things you can do in order to reduce the concentration of substances in your urine, and possibly even eliminate enough of them to make detection avoidable. Here are some steps on how to pass a urine drug test.

Semi-verified methods

Flushing – The most common way to pass a urine test is by flushing, or by drinking plenty of fluids in the days leading up to the test. Because water dilutes the commonly detectable metabolites from your urine, flushing may reduce the concentration of metabolites enough to result in a negative reading. However, care must be taken not too drink too much water as this can cause a potentially harmful – and even fatal – condition known as water intoxication. You may also take vitamins B2 or B12 in order to offset the diluted appearance of urine, which is a common tip-off for most testers.

Diuretics – Diuretics such as Midol can help you eliminate drug metabolites even more quickly. As they eliminate water and sodium, any metabolite substances may also be eliminated.

Aspirin – Aspirin can also be an effective way to influence the results of a urine test. For this purpose, four aspirin tablets taken four to six hours before the test can give you a better chance of getting a negative reading.

Unverified remedies

Cranberry juice – Cranberry juice has a diuretic effect similar to Midol. Although less effective than other methods, drinking cranberry juice – or taking cranberry supplements – can reduce the metabolite concentrate enough to give you a clean result.

Zinc – Some people have reported successfully passing a urine test by taking zinc supplements. The reason for this is that zinc effectively binds to metabolites and eliminates them via the feces instead of the urine. For purposes of beating a urine test, a 250 mg dose of zinc sulfate the night before the test is advisable, with the dose repeated the following morning.

Niacin – Niacin or vitamin B3 is sometime used in order to beat a urine test, but it has not been proven to be as effective as other solutions. Niacin has also been known to cause adverse side effects, so its use for beating a urine test should best be avoided.

The surefire way to beat a urine test – As mentioned previously, the only guaranteed way to beat a urine test – or any other drug test for that matter – is to abstain from substance use completely. This also helps you avoid the harmful side effects of using certain solutions for flushing out your urine.

Test yourself at home

If you have been trying hard to reduce the concentration of a particular substance in your body, you should test yourself at home to know that you are in the clear. You can use a multi-panel urine drug testing strip to check for levels of various different substances in your urine. These tests are sanitary and effective, and provides accurate results in as little as five minutes.

Use synthetic urine

If your impending drug test is drawing ever nearer, and your at-home drug test is still displaying a positive result, you might have to try out some different measures. In these situations, synthetic urine can really come to the rescue. Synthetix5 Urine Kits is one such product that comes with a belt, heating element and a temperature strip, allowing you to ensure the urine is at a ‘natural’ temperature.

Passing a urine drug test

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