With the introduction of the Headdies Dab Vac, the whole game of dabbing has changed.

The Dab Vac consists of a quality German glass joint. The joint comes in 4 different combinations – 14mm or 19mm, male or female. Attached to the joint, just above where it connects to the water pipe, is a glass connection with medical grade silicon tube, holding a Quartz wand which is used as the dabber on the other side.

Sitting on top of the joint is a glass dish which is used to hold all your concentrate material. Keep in mind that this dish is not a bowl – it is just used to hold your product.


How to Use the Dab Vac

  1. Headdies Dab Vac - Dish and DabberHeaddies Dab Vac – Dish and DabberAttach the glass joint to put your favorite concentrate in the dish
  2. Heat the Quartz wand with your Vector torch (just for a few seconds)
  3. Apply the heated end to your concentrates
  4. Inhale

After you try this new glass-on-glass Dab Vac, the traditional nail and dabber system seems archaic and clumsy. While there is always a new fad in this industry, I think we all agree that dabs are here to stay. With pieces like Headdies’ Dab Vac, the future is so bright… I think I lost my shades.



The best things about Headdies’ Dab Vac

  • The glass dish is deep. Feel free to put in a lot of your favorite concentrate, because none of it goes to waste.
  • Great control over how big a hit you’re getting. Want more? Simply apply the hot wand to more of the product located in the dish. Want less? Lighty graze the concentrate with the wand.
  • Your concentrate will last longer because there is less waste with this system than with a traditional titanium nail and dabber.

Check out this video of Headdies’ Dab Vac below. You can purchase this innovative device here here.