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Happy Daddy Genesis Nail – Dabbing Technology Perfected

Happy Daddy products logoA familiar name in the cannabis accessories industry, Happy Daddy has built a stellar reputation with its line of superb tools and devices designed for use with concentrates. Anyone who is at all serious about dabbing will probably already have a Happy Daddy in their arsenal. Now, with the release of the Genesis Nail, waves will be made yet again with another Happy Daddy product that is sure to be a hit among concentrate connoisseurs.

The Genesis Nail is part of a comprehensive system that offers the most satisfying dabbing experience possible. The product of advanced technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, the Genesis Nail was initially made available via an exclusive online offer. It is crafted from CP Grade 2 titanium, ensuring maximum heat retention and unparalleled durability. The use of titanium also minimizes reclaim build up, ensuring more efficient operation.

Maximum versatility

Happy Daddy Products - Genesis NailThe Genesis Nail features a universal design that will work with 18mm male and 14mm female joints. This means that the Genesis Nail can be used with most oil rig systems on the market. You can also opt to assemble the nail in any way you see fit, greatly adding to its versatility. With the Genesis Nail’s versatile design, having a quality nail that works perfectly with your glass piece is never a problem.

Like all nails, the Genesis Nail requires seasoning prior to use. This will enable you to take full advantage of its superior heat retention properties. After it has been properly prepared for use, the Genesis Nail can be used for a few hits without reheating. With most other nails on the market, a single heating usually doesn’t provide sufficient heat for more than one hit. With this particular model however, heating the nail for about 30 seconds will provide enough heat for three or four hits.

Efficient heating

One of the most interesting features of the Happy Daddy Genesis Nail is the quartz centerpiece, which is especially useful if your torch doesn’t provide enough heat. With insufficient heat, the dab will not be heated to the proper temperature, resulting in reduced efficiency and wastage. There is no risk of that happening with the Genesis Nail, and you will find that the addition of the quartz insert greatly adds to the unit’s functionality.

No waste dabbing

The Genesis Nail has been designed to reduce reclaim. With most other nail systems, reclaim can result in a significant amount of wastage. With the Genesis Nail on the other hand, every bit of concentrate is used efficiently, making your supply last much longer. To do this, the Genesis Nail utilizes a 3-hole carb cap that effectively chokes airflow, vaporizing dabs in a much more efficient manner. The unit also features a built-in heat sink that uses up residual oil from the nail. This maximizes the smoke that you are able to get from each dab.

The Happy Daddy Genesis Nail is simply put one of the most innovative dabbing tools around. Check it out here.

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