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All About Dabbing

Dabbing is a new smoking technique that is becoming more and more popular. It provides an entirely different experience and involves a variety of tools used to heat concentrates into a vapor. Not only is it a more efficient way of smoking, it is also considered to be healthier, and more powerful than a simple water pipe. The most “dangerous” aspect of dabbing is the extraction process. As with everything in life, dabbing has its risks and should be approached with care and moderation.

Different Dabbing Tools

Typical dabbing tools include nails, dabbers, rigs, and concentrates, but the list doesn’t stop there. You’ll probably also need containers, cleaning products, torches, and extraction tools for making concentrates. It doesn’t have to be expensive though – all you need to start out is a nail, a dabber and a concentrate.

Dab Rigs vs. Water Pipes

Dabbing requires the use of a “rig” that is similar to a water pipe. The main difference between the two is the joint style which holds the bowl before it is heated. A water pipe uses a traditional male bowl, usually with the use of a downstem. An oil rig, aka direct inject water pipe, uses a female fitting nail that is heated using a torch. Concentrates are then applied to the nail and vaporized.

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