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Choose from five unique styles of dabbers designed for all of your favorite concentrates. Featuring ergonomic resin handles in tons of great colors, add a little function and form to your dab setup.

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New from Yo Dabba Dabba comes their latest collection of dabbers that look incredible in any setup, but are also a lot easier to use and hold than traditional dab tools. These unique dabbers come in a wide range of vibrant resin handle colors and proudly feature the “Yo! Dabber” logo on the side.

Choose from five distinctive styles: Leaf, Glaive, Trowel, File, and Paddle.

Leaf Dabber:

The Leaf Dabber excels with crumbly or waxy textures and looks a lot like (you guessed it) a leaf.

Glaive Dabber:

The Glaive Dabber is perfect for handling thicker concentrates that require cutting, like shatter or resin, thanks to its curved blade shape.

Trowel Dabber:

The Trowel Dabber features a flat and wide scoop-shaped end that looks like a garden shovel, perfect for dealing with sticky and gooey concentrates like budder or sap.

File Dabber:

With its long, skinny, and flat shape, the File Dabber is perfect for breaking apart larger, chunkier concentrates with crumble or pull-and-snap textures.

Paddle Dabber:

The paddle dabber has a long, wide, and flat shape ideal for handling soft, buttery concentrates like rosin or live resin.

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Dabber Style

File, Glaive, Leaf, Paddle, Trowel


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