Glass Filter Tips


Say goodbye to burned lips with reusable glass filter tips! These glass crutches protect your mouth and help you get the most out of your rolled materials.

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Enjoy this 3 pack of Glass Filter Tips made from high-quality borisillicate glass. These glass filter tips make it possible to protect your mouth and get the most out of your favorite rolled materials. With a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from, you can enjoy a glass crutch that’ll come in clutch. Try using them to color code your favorite strains (ie, blue for bedtime, red for the wake and bake, or green for the daily driver) and keep the good times rolling without the guesswork involved.

At 7mm, they work with most standard papers and act as a sturdy barrier between your lips and fingers and the fire at the end of your J. More importantly, they’re designed with two tapered pinches in the middle that protect you from inhaling any of the materials within the paper. Each one comes with a flared mouthpiece that makes hitting it a breeze. With that said, you never have to worry about burning yourself or inhaling scoobs again as you enjoy your next sesh.

Diameter: 7mm
Colors Available: Blue, Dark Green, Green, Jade, Orange, Pink and Purple
Note: To request a specific color, please put your color choice in order notes.


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