RAW Rolling Papers are 100% natural and made from a blend of unbleached fibers, which results in a translucent light brown color. Although these papers are so thin that they are almost transparent, they are incredibly slow and even burning. RAW products are also free of any harsh, unwanted chemicals, further adding to the smooth, enjoyable smoking experience.

Identified with The CrissCross Watermark

Each paper can be identified by the patented CrissCross watermark which helps prevent runs and maintains the smooth-burning characteristics that RAW Rolling Papers are most famous for. RAW papers are available in a variety of sizes and are packaged in a sleek pack showcasing their organic nature.

Wide Selection of Products Available

We carry a wide variety of RAW rolling products, including rolling machines, bamboo rolling mats, pre-rolled cones, and rolling papers. RAW Cones are made with the same unbleached, natural papers as any other RAW product. Since RAW cones are pre-rolled, you’ll get a flawless cone shape without using a rolling machine.


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