Liquidizer products allows the user to extract herbal oils and concentrates quickly, efficiently and easily. They are not limited to use with tobacco products; they can also be used to create perfumes, essential oils and other natural extracts.

Efficient Extraction

The Liquidizer uses a butane canister that ejects compressed butane through an acetal nozzle adapter, a nitrile stopper, and your herbal material, before falling into the stainless steel extractor tube. From here, the solution is then strained through a stainless steel cloth filter into a glass beaker, which is submerged in a hot water bath. The heat speeds up the evaporation of the butane, minimizing how long you have to wait for your concentrates.

Standalone Design

The Liquidizer can be used to create concentrates in as little as 15 minutes, and its standalone design allows the user to stay a safe distance away from the butane during the process. The Liquidizer Herbal Extractor yields up to 90% extract of the herbal material being used. Liquidizer also offers an EJuice mix, which in combination with waxy concentrates can create a liquid compatible with personal vaporizers.

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