Atmos Technology was the leader in portable vaporizers from the outset, and still leads the industry today. Their products take vaping further into the future with sleek, innovative designs. They’ve now had some time to perfect the designs in order to appeal to all users. Now we offer not only state-of-the-art vaporizing devices, but they also come in unique designs and a variety of colors and styles.

Atmos’ in-house engineers have developed the Atmos Raw, which is a top-of-the-line portable vaporizer created specifically for dry herbs. There is a line of Atmos vaporizers and Raw products, including accessories, each tailored to fit a specific need.

Atmos Raw

Each Atmos Raw vaporizer offers a uniquely designed, handmade ceramic core. This feature helps the herbal blends burn evenly, for smooth, clean vaping action. The battery is equipped with a blue LED light, allowing a recognizable low battery alert. The Atmos vaporizer is the highest-quality vaping device available that is made in the United States. Atmos’ many years of experience have helped them to keep ahead of the game. When it comes to designing and developing the tools that make vaping an even more enjoyable process, Atmos products provide satisfaction every time.

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