As with all appliances and electronics, using your vaporizer safely and as it was designed will greatly increase its longevity. Make sure to follow the user manual to ensure safe and efficient use.

Avoid using substances your vaporizer is not intended for

Make sure to only use natural plant-based materials in your vaporizer. If your device cannot support oil, do not try to vaporize essential oils. Likewise, never experiment with unnatural substances or overly powdery elements. These materials are not intended for use with vaporizers and could cause internal damage, including clogged pipes and dirty parts. In addition, using non-natural materials in you vaporizer could pose serious health risks.

Avoid overheating material in your vaporizer

When using a vaporizer, never overheat any matter being placed in it. This could cause a fire hazard as vaporizers are designed to quickly reach high temperatures. Be sure to shut off the device as soon as the desired results are reached. Even between uses, it should be shut down or monitored very closely. Never leave a vaporizer on and unattended.

Avoid damage to your vaporizer from falls

Be sure to place your vaporizer on a steady surface to avoid accidents. Flat and solid surfaces are the best options. If your vaporizer falls over or moves around, it could easily break and lead to safety hazards. Many household items are flammable, so keep your it well clear of all materials.

With safe and smart operation, your vaporizer will bring you quality results for years to come.