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VapirRise Vaporizer


Comparable to the Volcano Vaporizer and much cheaper!

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Developed by Vapir, the VapirRise Vaporizer is a revolutionary product that will forever change the way you vaporize. Vapir has already garnered quite a reputation in the vaporizer industry with other popular models like the NO2 and One 5.0. But the Vapir Rise is sure to set the new standard for all forced-air vapes. It’s easy to use out of the box and it’s fully functional with both dry herbs and concentrates.

Precise Touch-Pad Control System – The Vapir Rise features a precise touch-pad control system that makes the vaporization process more efficient and effective. The vaporizing temperature is displayed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, depending on your preference. The unit is also capable of reaching vaporizing temperatures in less than 1 minute. The digital display provides the user with accurate temperature control which provides for maximum efficiency.

Dual Functionality – The VapirRise provides the user with dual-functionality. You can enjoy the vapor through the traditional whip system (silicone tubing) or through the very popular balloon bag system. Unlike many other vaporizers that utilize a low-quality valve system for balloons, the VapirRise utilizes an advanced balloon adapter system that makes filling up your bags easier than ever. Whether you’re using the whip or balloon system, both are sure to provide the user with an enjoyable vaporizing experience.

High-Quality & Durable Construction – The VapirRise Vaporizer was built using only the highest-quality components and features a durable construction that’s unrivaled by any other vaporizer currently on the market. The stainless steel design ensures a clean vapor path and only the best tasting vapor. Although it utilizes a forced-air fan system, the unit is quiet and easily transportable. It also utilizes a ceramic heating element and HEPA air filter system that allows for fresh and flavorful vapor.

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Note: This product is intended for aromatherapy purposes only.

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