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RAW Organic Unbleached 1¼ Rolling Papers

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Raw organic unbleached hemp rolling papers are 100% vegan, and made of the purest hemp that you can find.  Produced without additives, and processed in a eco-friendly manner, the Raw organic papers are the way to go.

  • 32 papers per pack
  • 24 packs per box

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16 reviews for "RAW Organic Unbleached 1¼ Rolling Papers"

  1. :

    if you haven’t tried unbleached and organic papers before, then you haven’t ever smoked right. i won’t go back.

  2. :

    super high quality papers.. and don’t slobber all over them! that’s why people are having trouble with the glue.

  3. :

    if you go RAW you can’t go WRONG!

  4. :

    good quality natural papers.

  5. :

    I enjoy the lack of taste that these papers have. They burn even and slow.

  6. :

    I used to have problems getting these papers to stick, but after some practice and figuring out what works best, I no longer have problems.

  7. :

    Weird bitter taste and I had to keep relighting. Not happy.

  8. :

    You can’t taste the paper, burn slow and even, and don’t tear easily. I only smoke with RAW!

  9. :

    I’ve been recommending these to all of my friends. They love them, as do I.

  10. :

    these stick great and smoke smooth.

  11. :

    Way stronger than most papers. Sometimes I have a tiny problem with the glue but I LOVE RAW!

  12. :

    You can’t beat this deal. Awesome papers, great smoke, great price.

  13. :

    Tasteless and really bring out the flavor of whatever you’re smoking.

  14. :

    i been rolling for 20 years now and after finding these i will never roll with anything else

  15. :

    Awesome natural papers. Thin as can be. Be careful when licking the gum.. if you lick them too much you will lick the glue completely off.

  16. :

    These things are like the God of papers. Crazy smooth smoke and no taste at all.

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