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Pouch Papers 1¼ Cigarette Rolling Papers

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The pouch paper design makes rolling a perfect cigarette easy with little to no waste.  With a built in pouch, these papers could not be any easier to use.  To adjust the amount of smoke you draw from your rolled cigarette, simply tear the ends to your liking!

Product Features:

  • Full Box of Pouch Papers 1 1/4 / 24 Booklets / 20 Pouch Papers Per Booklet
  • Easy to Use
  • No Spill
  • Roller-Friendly
  • Built-In Pouch In Each Sheet
  • Natural Arabic Sugar Based Gum

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in
Number of Pieces

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5 reviews for "Pouch Papers 1¼ Cigarette Rolling Papers"

  1. :

    Ideal for people who have really shaky hands and have trouble rolling with normal papers.

  2. :

    After you roll with these papers, you will be left with excess paper on both ends. My first time with these papers, I made the mistake of tearing one end of the excess paper off. Then I was left with having to add a filter and blah blah blah… I learned my lesson, and the next time, I just poked a small hole in one end of the paper and relied on that to smoke out of. It worked well, but I probably wont buy these papers again.

  3. :

    Great for a starter paper to learn and practice rolling.

  4. :

    the gum isn’t the best quality on these papers.. you have to lick them and roll as quick as possible so it will have a chance to stick before it dries.

  5. :

    If you have problems spilling stuff everywhere while you’re rolling, these papers are perfect. They also smoke pretty good.

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