Honeycomb Sphere Carb Cap


The Honeycomb Spehere Cap is perfect for adding flair to your terp slurper or auto-spinner banger setup. Use it to restrict airflow from the top of the nail, encouraging bigger hits and better flavors



Checking in at 22mm in diameter, this sphere carb cap is perfectly fit for most terp slurp style nails and auto-spinner bangers. The Honeycomb Sphere Cap makes it possible to restrict arflow from the top of your nail, allowing you to pull concentrates into the slurper with ease. Just add it to the top of your nail before you apply your concentrates and you’re good to go. Choose from four great colors and add some curb appeal to your setup with the gorgeous honeycomb pattern found throughout the heavy-duty borosillicate glass marble cap.

*Let us know in the order notes if you want a specific color or it will be random.


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