Graffix Acrylic Skinny Bubble Water Pipe


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Mouthpiece is 1.5 inches wide. Choose your height.
Available in Various Colors

You can request a specific color in the order notes field, otherwise we will pick for you.

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The Graffix Bubble Water Pipe is perhaps the most purchased acrylic water pipe in history. Featuring a 1.5 inch wide mouthpiece, a single bubble, and the familiar Graffix logo; this model is available in 8, 10, or 12 inches. Offered in all the most popular Graffix colors.

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6 reviews for Graffix Acrylic Skinny Bubble Water Pipe

  1. Maria

    great for beginners, not so much for experienced smokers.

  2. Angela W

    An awesome pipe with awesome colors. I would definitely recommend.

  3. Willie G.

    Love the 1 inch mouthpiece.

  4. pierre

    UNBREAKABLE! perfect!!

  5. Laurie T

    Love how lightweight and durable this pipe is.

  6. Paul Lewis

    A bong is a bong. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or seasoned veteran, they all work under the same basic principles and not really any one that works better than another. It’s mostly in the user and insuring you hold your toke in before letting out. These are as good as any in getting the job done, they are easier to clean and give a good scrub, much less worry about breaking and hurting yourself or stepping on broken glass later. Works fine, lasts a long time! Highly recommend! Buy two, your buddy will want one!

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