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Experience precision milling with the Next Gen Flower Mill Premium Grinders. Durable, ergonomic, and perfect for all consumption types. Available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel in two sizes.

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Flower Mill just got a major upgrade with their Next Gen Premium models, available in 2.0” and 2.5” sizes in either aluminum or stainless steel. Unlike other grinders that shred material using metal teeth, Flower Mill grinders utilize plates that gently mill your material, allowing it to separate more naturally for a more precise, fluffy, and flavorful grind.

The Flower Mill Premium Aluminum grinders are designed for increased strength and durability with a more lightweight build. They feature a new one-piece rotor knob with aggressive flutes and rigid mill plates for a faster, lower-effort milling experience. The removable stainless steel pollen screen ensures precision pollen collection and consistent particle separation. Enhanced ergonomics, including a larger diameter and taller knob, provide a comfortable grip, while the improved storage ring with a knurled surface allows for easy removal. The one-piece precision-cut food-grade stainless steel mill plate (#3 – Medium) with an integrated center rod is perfect for all grinds, from extra fine to extra coarse. Interchangeable mill plates give you the most precise control over your final product.

Stainless Steel
The Flower Mill Premium Stainless Steel grinders offer superior durability and longevity, and make for a special treat for those who prefer to avoid aluminum. They feature high-quality, BPA-free plastic bushings and thrust washers, a new one-piece rotor knob with aggressive flutes, and rigid mill plates— much like the aluminum version. These grinders come with a #3 milling plate, though you can also swap out additional milling plates to control the coarseness of your grind whenever you need it

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