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Get all the convenience of an e-nail with the added bonus of the Flex Coil. The flex coil allows you to manipulate the position of your coil so it’s never attached to just one nail— perfect for group sessions, reducing the risk of chazzing, and keeping your banger clean.

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Yo Dabba Dabba dropped a cutting-edge solution to some of the headaches involved with using an e-nail. This kit contains their Flex eNail, along with a carb cap and a banger of your choice.

The Flex Coil is a cut above standard, flimsy coils that get stuck to one banger at a time. With a flex coil, you can easily heat your banger by dropping it into the coil, and then pick it up from the joint (which stays cool) to slide into your rig for the perfect dab. That just means you can swap multiple different nails and rigs in without waiting for it to cool down and heat back up. Perfect for group sessions, these simple, user-friendly coils make it possible to slide your banger into the coil, and remove it with ease when you’re finished with your dab.

All you have to do is pick your nail up by its joint and drop it into your rig, then while you’re enjoying a dab, your friend can heat their own nail. With a flex coil, the coil isn’t permanently fixed to your nail. For that reason, it offers a ton of convenience for back-to-back dabs. However, the best part is, it makes cleaning a breeze and helps prevent chazzing.

A lot of people tend to avoid e-nails since they’re a lot more likely to overheat your nail and chazz your banger, which can be super expensive to replace. The flexibility of the flex coil allows you to immediately remove your nail from the coil when you’re ready for your dab, which prevents the coil from burning your dab. All you have to do is take your banger out of the coil, take your dab, and then you can clean it. Perfect for group sessions, better low temp dabs, and easy cleaning, Yo Dabba Dabba’s Classic Enail with Flex Coil is redefining the e-nail game.


  • Voltage: 90-150v
  • Coil Size: 25-30mm
  • Wattage: 120w coil
  • Temperature Range: 0°F and 1200°F (with a maximum recommended limit of 900°F)
  • Auto-on and automatic shutoff


  • Digital Display Control Box (with a one-year warranty) that provides precise temperature control.
  • The Flex Coil, a revolutionary addition that offers flexibility, convenience, and versatility in shaping the coil to fit your rig.
  • Power Cord
  • Banger
  • Carb cap

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Coil Size

25mm, 30mm


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