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Compatible with all Yo Dabba Dabba enails, the Flex Coil is the perfect upgrade if you’re tired of being limited to one nail, chazzing your banger, or spending so much time between dabs during your group sessions.

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If you have an existing Yo Dabba Dabba enail, you can upgrade your coil to their proprietary Flex Coil. The flex coil utilizes a rigid, yet bendable neck that brings the coil to your banger. Instead of being limited to one banger per coil, the flex coil can be used with multiple bangers back to back since it never attaches to the nail. Instead, you just drop your banger into the coil, and when it’s done heating, you can pick it back up by its joint (which stays cool) and slide it into your rig for your dab.

The flexibility makes it perfect for taking back-to-back dabs from an enail from different bangers and rigs without any heating or cooling downtime in between. They also help make it easier to keep your rig clean. Since it’s easy to control how much heat your banger is subjected to, the flex coil makes it so much easier to prevent chazzing your banger with an enail.


  • Works with all Yo Dabba Dabba enails (but not with other brands)
  • Rigid, flexible neck for easy swapping and cleaning
  • 25 or 30mm coil

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Coil Size

25mm, 30mm, 30mm Deep Dish


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