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EZ Pipe – Swivel Top Wind Proof Lighter Pipe

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Wind-proof, smokeless and discrete, the EZ Pipe makes things easy!

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The EZ Pipe is an all-in-one smokeless pocket pipe. It has a built-in lighter slot, making it more convenient for the user to enjoy on the go or at home. With the cap on, the EZ Pipe bowl is fully enclosed with a small pin hole on the side, allowing you to burn your herbs. This will minimize smoke loss, conserve your product and result in a smoother intake. Heavy users can simply smoke with the cap off. The mouthpiece is hidden within the main unit, and can easily be deployed when needed. Either way, this discrete pipe is a great all-in-one solution for smokers on the go.

Product Features:

  • Amazing smokeless design
  • Wind-proof with swivel top
  • Holds any regular Bic lighter (not included)
  • Discrete appearance
  • Poker insert

Note:  Assorted EZ Pipe Colors – Colors may vary depending on our stock levels. If you would like a specific color, please indicate the color in the notes section on checkout.

Additional information

Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

5 reviews for "EZ Pipe – Swivel Top Wind Proof Lighter Pipe"

  1. :

    Sometimes the magnets in this piece can become loose and move around a little bit. I like the EZ Pipe, though. It features a lid over the bowl that keeps whatever you’re smoking in place which is nice for portability. It also stores your lighter so everything is in one place.

  2. :

    Not good if you want to take large rips and it gets pretty hot. Otherwise it’s a pretty good on the go piece.

  3. :

    these things are super interesting devices. they work really well for windy conditions, but i wouldn’t recommend them for a day to day piece.

  4. :

    Not a good social smoking piece, but works well if you only need one hit.

  5. :

    i like my ez pipe for the most part. i use it mostly on the beach.

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