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Elements – Ultra Thin Rice 1¼ Rolling Papers

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Elements rolling papers are some of the best papers that you can buy.  Made of rice paper, there is virtually no ash that comes from the papers itself.  The glue that is used is all natural Acacia gum.  The construction of these papers is to ensure a slow burn.  No mess, no fuss, with the Elements brand of rolling papers.

Full box contains 24 pieces


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12 reviews for "Elements – Ultra Thin Rice 1¼ Rolling Papers"

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    Only downside is that in some high humidity, the part of the paper with the gum strip will sort of curl over a little. It’s not that big of a problem, though, and otherwise, these papers worked great for me.

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    If you roll these papers correctly, you will be very happy. They are definitely meant for people who know what they are doing.

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    you really can’t beat the price for the amount and quality you get from these Elements papers.

  4. :

    the paper is super thin and burns really slowly. also has almost no taste.

  5. :

    Burns with no ash and you can hardly taste the paper at all.

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    i can’t get these papers to stick. the gum is just too thin. maybe i got a bad pack… i don’t know, but i won’t buy these papers again.

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    i like these because they burn a lot slower than other papers. around 30 seconds with no pull will cause these to burn out, so you don’t waste a bunch of good stuff.

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    Super super thin papers. I love them. They burn way slow and smoke really smooth. Super enjoyable.

  9. :

    I love my Elements papers, but I would stay away from this product. It’s not a normal pack of papers and the way they are packed makes it so that they stick together. If you’re lucky enough to find one that’s not stuck to another, you’ll probably have a hell of a time rolling it and end up finding a different way to smoke anyway. Buy a different Elements product.

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    You really need to be sure that you “gently” moisten the glue on these papers. Otherwise the glue won’t stick for shit. I love these papers, I’ve even been recommending them to my friends.

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    Great if you know what you’re doing. I would NOT recommend for an inexperienced smoker.

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    just fyi. If you have a lightly gummed paper like these then lick/moisten the back side of the glue strip to preserve the glue.

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