Dichro YO sphere cap – 22mm


Function meets form with the Yo Dabba Dabba Dichro Sphere carb cap. Tailored for 22mm slurpers, is combines a gorgeous look with thoughtful performance.



We’re proud to present yet another Yo Dabba Dabba Dichro Sphere carb cap to our lineup. These must-have accessories are perfect for getting bigger and better hits and flavors from your 22mm slurper.

Distinguished by its compatibility with Terp Slurp nails, which feature integrated airflow control, the Dichro Sphere carb cap is a must have for getting the most out of your nail. Since it doesn’t introduce extra airflow, it keeps consistent pressure in the bucket. More or less, it makes sure your slurper is pressurized to perfection, allowing you to get bigger, better, and more flavorful hits.

The Yo Dabba Dabba Dichro Sphere carb cap features a sleek all-black finish adorned with their iconic glittery gold “Yo!” logo. Not only does it elevate your terp slurping game, but it also adds an touch of sophistication to your setup.


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