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Dry Herbs, Oils, and Waxes

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The DaVinci is one of the world’s most advanced portable vaporizers. With its sleek, stylish design, the DaVinci looks very much as good as it works. Say goodbye to butane and enjoy battery-powered vaping. With its 3 rechargeable internal lithium-ion batteries, the DaVinci is the perfect on-the-go aromatherapy device.

The adjustable temperature allows you to configure the device to your specific aromatherapy needs. This advanced unit features a 10-minute cut-off switch, which automatically turns off the heating element after a short period of inactivity, saving you valuable battery life. With a heat-up time of approximately a minute and a half, you’ll be vaping in no time. The highly versatile DaVinci is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates.


Note: This product is intended for aromatherapy purposes only.

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7 reviews for "DaVinci Vaporizer"

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    Definitely vapes better with herbs than oils but does the job!

  2. :

    It has like a rubber plastic body which prevents it from getting scratched which is nice. I’m pretty rough with my vaporizer, throwing it in my purse and whatnot. I’ve also dropped it a couple times. It still works great and hardly has a scratch on it.

  3. :

    The DaVinci takes forever to charge which is ridiculous cause the charge doesn’t last long at all. It also gets super super hot during long sessions and starts to put out hot vapor.

  4. :

    the battery dont last long at all. thats okay if your stayin home but if you wanna take it to the lake or sumthin fishin n shit it screws ya. and works good wit herbs but not grate with oil.

  5. :

    Works really well with herbs and oils. Really easy to clean. Vapes well. Recommended.

  6. :

    very well made product. light but durable and hits nicely.

  7. :

    The temperature control is nice as it really gives you control of your vaporizing experience. Overall, this device works pretty good.

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