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Take your pick between three of the best dab rigs on the market at a price you’re sure to love. Compatible with 14mm male attachments and your favorite accessories.

*Rig Only. No Accessories Included*

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Introducing three meticulously designed glass dab rigs, crafted with sturdy, table-stable materials at prices you’ll love. Choose from three distinct styles: Klein, Can, and Swiss. These rigs look great in any setup and are compatible with 14mm male attachments and all of your favorite dabbing accessories, including terp pearls and inserts.

Key Features:

  • Select from three unique styles
  • Angled mouthpieces for comfortable use
  • Sturdy bases for stability
  • 14mm female rig joints, compatible with 14mm male attachments
  • Built-in percolators for enhanced cooling without compromising flavor
  • Compatible with various banger styles, including slurpers
  • Use with accessories like terp pearls or inserts for added versatility

Swiss Dab Rig

The Swiss Dab Rig stands at 8″ tall, and features a wide base and an angled mouthpiece, ensuring stability and comfort during your sessions. Equipped with a built-in percolator, it provides optimal cooling and filtration for your concentrates. The clear design allows you to witness the bubbling effects as the disc perc delivers flavor-packed hits.

Klein Dab Rig

The Klein Dab Rig combines cutting-edge design with superior functionality to provide you with a remarkable dab time after time. Standing at 8″ tall, the Klein recycler rig boasts a sleek and compact form factor. Its built-in recycler technology delivers unparalleled filtration and cooling, while the clear design allows you to witness the captivating recycling action as water and vapor swirl around within the rig.

Can Dab Rig

The Can Dab Rig is designed for those who appreciate a straightforward dabbing experience without compromising performance. Standing at 8″ tall, the Can Rig features a clean and minimalistic design with a single percolator and a nice wide base for stability. Enjoy smooth and clean hits with its simplistic and no-fuss design. Best of all, the clear construction and simple design makes it one of the easiest rigs to keep clean.

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