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Get everything you need to dab right out of the box with a complete dab rig set. Choose from three rig styles and get everything you need minus the torch and your favorite concentrates!

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Tired of throwing tons of money at different accessories? Save up to 20% when you opt for a rig set that comes complete with everything you need to dab, minus the torch. Each design offers unmatched performance and flavor with large water reservoirs and built in percolators. Between impressive function and the affordability of all of these kits, you can enjoy dabbing wherever you go.

Choose from three different rig styles and get everything, including:

  • Swiss, Klein, or Can dab rig
  • 1 auto spinner nail (banger)
  • 2 quartz terp pearls
  • 1 honeycomb sphere cap (dichro marble)
  • 1 glass cap stand
  • 1 spatula dab tool

Swiss Rig Set

The Swiss rig set stands at 8” tall with a wide base for table stability and an angled mouthpiece for easy access. Inside you’ll find a disc percolator and a large water reservoir for cooling and filtering vapor. This design is favored by those who want an aesthetically pleasing rig that works wonders without sacrificing function or flavor.

Klein Rig Set

The Klein dab rig set features our 8” Llein rig, which is a recycler-style rig designed to promote the smoothest and most flavorful dabbing experience compared to other rig styles. Aside from the recycler feature is a disc perc situated at the bottom of the rig to help bubble and cool vapor with ease. The design also features an angled mouthpiece and a wide base for table stability.

Can Rig Set

The Can rig set features the simplified can rig that utilizes a single disc percolator inside a broad water reservoir to bubble vapor for added smoothness without sacrificing flavor. Like the others, it stands at 8” tall and features an angled mouthpiece and a wide base for comfort and stability.


  • Angled mouthpiece
  • Sturdy base
  • 14mm female rig joint
  • Built in percolators for extra cooling without sacrificing flavors
  • Saves ~20% compared to buying each accessory separately

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