With the introduction of the original Dab Vac, it seemed as though Headdies had hit a home run. After all, the noted manufacturer of quality dabbing systems took dabbing technology several steps further into the realm of maximum efficiency and effectiveness with the release of the original Dab Vac.

Few companies are able to follow up such a stellar debut with an equally impressive second show, but Headdies is not just any company. With extensive experience in the fine art and science of dabbing, the company set about bettering the Dab Vac with a Deluxe model that now seems poised to knock the ball out of the park entirely. Let’s first take a look at the original Dab Vac, and then see how the Dab Vac Deluxe improves on it.

Dab Vac


headdies dab vacWhen the Dab Vac was unveiled to the public, it quickly made waves with its unique take on tried-and-tested nail-dabber systems. Although it provided a number of features common to other dabbing systems of the time, the Dab Vac incorporated some innovative new features of its own. With a list price of $69.99, the device offered an attractively-priced starter device for novice dabbers.

All the main components of the Headdies Dab Vac are made from borosilicate glass, which has an extremely high melting temperature. The bowl fits into most glass smoking implements with joint sizes of 14 mm and 18 mm, and is equipped with a latex tube that holds a hollow glass rod. This rod is heated to vaporizing temperatures with a blowtorch in much the same way as with titanium nail-based systems.

The main benefits of the Dab Vac’s glass-on-glass system are enhanced efficiency and reduced wastage. Because you hold the heat source to the concentrate, you have much more control over how much you vaporize simply by varying the amount of time you hold the wand to the product. This also ensures that no product is left to burn up and evaporate, making your concentrates last longer.

Dab Vac Deluxe


headdies-dab vac-deluxeAs impressive as the Dab Vac is, the Deluxe is even more so. Priced at $94.99, the Dab Vac Deluxe may not add that many new features, but the few additions definitely make this model a significant improvement over the original. The wand is made from quartz for instance, which provides even more reliable and consistent performance than borosilicate glass. The original Dab Vac will work for virtually any type of dabbing task, but the Deluxe provides an additional measure of confidence in its reliability and ruggedness.

A new feature that places the Dab Vac Deluxe firmly in the category of premium dabbing systems is the use of groundless joints, which adds an elegant touch to the unit’s design and performance. Groundless joints are virtually unheard of at this price point, and it definitely gives the Dab Vac Deluxe an extra measure of class.

Perhaps the most noticeable addition to the Dab Vac Deluxe is the reclaim holster. Providing users with a convenient ‘holster’ into which to place the wand, the reclaim holster keeps the hot wand out of the way and keeps your glass tube free from reclaim buildup as well.

At about $25 more than the original model, the Dab Vac Deluxe provides enough of an improvement to warrant the upgrade. The original model will do for most situations of course, but if you want a truly quality Dab Vac experience, the Deluxe model is definitely worth ponying up for.