Butane torches are used to heat the nail when dabbing. Handheld torches are available in a range of sizes, styles, and prices. A good torch can make the dabbing experience easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Torches can burn up to 2,400 degrees Farenheight, for up to 2 hours continuously. Most torches have refillable chambers for butane.

Of course it is easy to find a cheap torch, but it is unlikely that it will last very long, or be of any kind of decent quality. A good torch runs from about $50 to $80, and anything more pricey than that isn’t necessary for simply dabbing. Get a great torch designed for dabbing and you’ll be much happier.

There are many sizes and styles of torches. In the case of torches, bigger does not always mean better. A larger torch will hold more fuel and burn hotter, although they can be difficult to handle. Small torches can be easier to handle but will not burn for very long. The best torches have an adjustable flame, a lock lever for a continuous flame, an igniter button, and a wide base that allows the torch to stand on its own. Torches also come in an array of colors. It is best to get a torch that you can handle with ease, is refillable, and suits your needs. If you rarely dab with other people, you probably don’t need a very big torch.

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