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How to Smoke Concentrates


Thinking of trying out concentrates? They provide numerous benefits over other methods of consumption: They’re more cost-effective, more efficacious, less harmful, the list goes on.

But how do you smoke concentrates, you ask? And what, for that matter, are concentrates?

Well, first thing’s first. Concentrates are, as the name suggests, concentrated herbs. They are made by soaking herbs in a chemical solvent – usually butane or rubbing alcohol – and then separating the solvent from the resulting concentrate by way of evaporation.

So how to smoke concentrates?

There are at least three ways to smoke concentrates. The most popular method is by ‘dabbing’ small doses of concentrates onto a superheated nail, vaporizing it on impact and inhaling through an ‘oil rig’. If you don’t have a rig, there are other options: you can either smoke them in a bowl, or roll them into a cigarette. We’ve covered two of the methods below.

How to Smoke Concentrates

Using a Rig

On the other hand, you could use a “rig” to smoke concentrates. This is a glass pipe that has a hole for the nail, a vertical chamber, and a mouthpiece. Start by heating the nail with a butane torch. A simple lighter won’t work unless you’ve got an hour or two to waste (not to mention a blister-proof thumb). Once the nail is glowing red, drop your concentrate onto it.

The concentrate will instantly combust, and you can suck the resulting smoke through the pipe and into your waiting lungs. Many rigs also have a small “dome” that covers the nail so the smoke doesn’t escape before you have a chance to inhale it.

In a Bowl

To use the bowl method, simply collect a small dab – or drop – of concentrate using a dabber. Next, drop the concentrate on top of a half-filled bowl. Finally, fill the rest of the bowl, light, and inhale. You want to place your concentrate in the middle of the bowl because flames can degrade the potency.

And that, in a word, is how to smoke concentrates. You should also know, if only for your edification, that concentrates come in many different forms depending on the method of extraction.

In any event, enjoy smoking your concentrates! You won’t be disappointed.