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Glass Jars

Glass Jars – Essential Storage For Marijuana Products

Have you ever considered storing your marijuana in glass jars? There are many different vessels and containers that people normally use to store marijuana. Some people simply keep their marijuana in a zip-lock bag or in a large tin, while others opt to store them in small plastic tubs, urns, or cigar boxes. But you might find that storing your marijuana in glass jars might be the best option for a number of reasons.

The container in which you store your marijuana may seem unimportant, but it can actually affect the quality and flavor of your stash. Some materials – plastics and metals especially – can leach unwanted odors into the weed and produce off-flavors. While the flavors that a good wooden box made of cedar or some other fragrant wood may be more acceptable than the flavors imparted by plastic or metal, you don’t necessarily want them in your weed either. In order to avoid these issues, you may want to consider using glass jars instead.

Strain Contain FamilyMost glass jars will work very well for storing marijuana, and they can help maintain freshness and retain moisture. In fact, with the right conditions and a proper jar, marijuana and most other herbs will last for months and stay as fresh as they were when stored.

How They Work

There are glass jars made specifically for storing marijuana and other herbs. These are often larger than typical glass jars and can therefore store more pot. Many of these also feature air tight lids that keep moisture locked and your herb fresh for longer. Aside from the physical dimensions of the jar, you may also want to consider the materials used.  Jars made of violet biophotonic glass have found particular favor with the marijuana community because of the superior protection they provide against the uv rays.

Most glass jars provide suitable conditions for marijuana storage, but violet glass are even better than clear or amber glass. The benefits of violet glass have actually been known for thousands of years, with ancient Egyptians using them for storing various perishable items for the long-term. More recently in the 1800s, violet glass was found to be a favorable storage material for olive oil. The benefits of this material were documented by Austrian scientist Jacob Lorber, who found that violet glass preserved olive oil and even enhanced its quality.

Choosing the Right Glass Jar to Store Your Marijuana

Glass jars come in all shapes and sizes, from small 5 ml. jars that can store about 2 grams of weed to larger jars that can hold up to eight ounces of pot. And then there are the really big jars. Some of the larger jars on the market can hold as much as a half pound of marijuana, making it suitable for large harvests or long-term storage.

Most glass jars are designed for function rather than form, although there are many ornate and decorative jars that complement the décor of any room they are placed in. Regardless of the design, you can be sure that glass jars are some of the best options for maintaining the freshness of your marijuana.