Wulf Domes

Wulf Domes is the madness behind the original titanium dome attachments and the first ever Elips dome. Their products are compatible with a few top-brand vaporizers.

Based in Southern California, Wulf Mods is an innovative vaporizing company that offers high-quality vaporizers compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. Legal Smoke Shop carries Wulf Vaporizers as well as Wulf Domes.

  • Wulf Domes – Available in six different styles – Type B, Type C, ELIPS, Ceramic, Titanium, and the Titanium Dual Core dome – Wulf Domes utilize stainless steel-encased heaters to provide even heat distribution at any temperature level.
  • Wulf Tundra Vaporizer – The Tundra Vaporizer has a sleek, stylish design and features an upgraded, long-lasting battery with a fast heat-up time. Available in red, black and gray, the Tundra utilizes one-button operation at multiple temperature levels for complete ease of use.


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