Not all torches are created equal – and Vector torches are far superior.

Vector uses only the most durable materials in the production of their torches and uses high-quality butane to fill them. Each torch has a removable stand, adjustable flame, and is refillable. Vector torches are affordable, durable, and sure to please.

At Legal Smoke Shop, you’ll find two sizes of Vector torches: the Nitro and the Minitro.

  • Nitro – This larger device weighs less than a pound, has a burn time of 90-120 minutes, and can burn at temps of up to 2400° F. The tank on the Nitro holds 0.85 fluid ounces of butane.
  • Minitro – The smaller unit packs a punch at 0.37 lbs with a burn time of 45-80 minutes. The Minitro holds 0.35 fluid ounces of butane and burns at temperatures of up to 2100° F.

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