Scientific Inhalations

Already a respectable name in the water pipe industry, Scientific Inhalations is poised to break new ground with the introduction of a superb line of smoking equipment that aims to set new standards in water pipe design. Built to the same high standards as the rest of the products in the celebrated Scientific Inhalations line, the McFinn’s Triple-Filtered Water Pipe could change the way you view water pipes entirely.

Innovative Filtration System

One of the earmarks of this new design it the innovative filtration technology that allows you to enjoy the smoothest and most satisfying smoke possible from a water pipe. Using a combination of virgin coconut carbon and organic cotton, this highly advanced filtering system is far more efficient and effective than anything else that has come on the market.

Purified Through Coconut Carbon and Organic Cotton

With this system, the smoke passes through a network of slots cut into the glass body of the water pipe, first filtered through virgin coconut carbon, and then through the glass filter tube where it is further purified through organic cotton. The result is a totally satisfying smoke that is amazingly smooth and carries all the potency of whatever herb you are smoking. If all you have ever tried before are the water pipes that are commonly sold in head shops and curio stores, you will definitely be in for a treat after you have experienced first-hand what the Scientific Inhalations device can do to your smoke.

Built to Last

Of course, the Scientific Inhalations water pipe wouldn’t be worth much even with this impressive technology if it wasn’t built to withstand rigorous use. The good news is that the company’s line of water pipes is built from the finest high-grade glass available, ensuring reliable service for many years of daily use. For the money, you simply can’t do better than with a Scientific Inhalations water pipe.

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