There is definitely no shortage of high quality vaporizers on the market today, but the Pulsar line is noticeably exceptional. Coming from a company that has made a name for itself by producing some of the finest quality vaporizers available on the market, Pulsar vaporizers embody the best that technology has to offer in easy-to-use designs that take vaporizing further than the competition.

The Pulsar line is comprised of a wide variety of quality vaporizers, each designed for specific uses. From portable units that can easily fit into your pocket to more elaborate units that offer a tremendous degree of versatility, there is surely a Pulsar vaporizer that is just perfect for your specific needs.


One of the most well regarded vaporizers in the Pulsar line is the Vortex. Billed as the ultimate portable concentrate vaporizer, this is one model that definitely sets the standard for vaporizer technology. It comes fitted with the company’s own highly advanced vortex funnel atomizer, which can be loaded easily in any setting. Apart from its ease of use, this model also stands out for its efficiency with the ability to heat up the contents within seconds. It is also very easy to clean, further adding to the convenience provided.


Also worth checking out is the Pulsar Ninja Wax vaporizer. The appropriately named Ninja does so easily what other vaporizers only claim to do: provides a totally efficient and discreet vaporizing system that can be used inconspicuously. Many other vaporizers promise clean and efficient operation in a totally discreet package, but the Ninja is among the few vaporizers on the market today that can actually deliver such performance so elegantly.

If you want the best possible vaporizing experience, check out the rest of the Pulsar line. We guarantee you a totally satisfying and rewarding vaporizer experience!

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