We carry a large variety of NoGoo products, all of which are made with food grade non-stick silicone, that is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer-safe, and heat resistant up to 450° F.

The NoGoo products that we carry include small and large containers, non-stick fingertips, non-stick mats, Goo dishes, and deep dish trays.

  • The small containers are sold in packs of 5 and large containers are sold individually.
  • Non-stick fingertips allow the user to handle sticky substances with no waste.
  • NoGoo containers have a patent pending, custom squeeze/twist top that keeps them closed.
  • Goo dishes are palm sized and perfect for portioning out concentrates.
  • For large amounts of concentrates, the NoGoo round plate and deep dish trays are the best options.
  • The NoGoo Vape Scrape is a tool with silicone-covered tips, it is easily maneuverable and perfect for maintaining and cleaning vaporizers.

Legal Smoke Shop also carries a Perk Tech/NoGoo collaboration – a mini reclaimer with a NoGoo non-stick container.

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