If you are looking for a high-quality rolling paper that provides an excellent smoking experience, don’t look any further than Elements. The product of a traditional approach to rolling paper manufacturing, Elements has a number of significant advantages over other papers.

The 4 Elements

Earth – Elements rolling papers are made from earth-friendly materials, such as rice and sugar, with no need for any harsh chemicals. The only residue left after burning is the caramelized suger from the gum.
Water – Each sheet comes watermarked with Elements’ proprietary criss-cross watermark, helping to prevent runs and allowing a smooth and even burn. Hold it up to the light to see for yourself.
Wind – Production of Elements papers is completely wind-powered, made from their base in the small Spanish town of Alcoy. Alcoy is known to be the birthplace of rolling papers.
Fire – Designed for the fire, Elements papers burn with virtually no ash, except for the caramel remains of the sugar.

One of the most notable characteristics of Elements is the fact that it is made of pure rice paper. Unlike most other papers used for smoking, Elements contains no chemicals at all. In fact, Elements does one better over other papers by doing away with the pulp and hemp as well. This has a number of important implications for smokers. For one thing, Elements burns at an amazingly slow rate. The paper is also extremely thin, with only a thin gum strip made from sugar. The result is a remarkably smooth and even burn that leaves virtually no ash residue.

The absence of chemicals or burning agents also results in a much smoother smoke, with none of the harshness commonly associated with other rolling papers. The purity of these rolling papers also means that you will get more of the pure flavor of your herbs or tobacco, without any of the impurities. For sheer quality and performance, you simply can’t do better than with a pack of Elements.


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